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Our Dry cleaning story. The start of Dream Dry Cleaners began in 1977 when the owner worked after school for a small country town dry cleaners. From there he has always had an association with either making or maintaining garments. The demise of the small community based dry cleaners and the lack of strategically located agents throughout the community has left a gap in the market. We are bringing back a much needed service that is fast, reliable and conveniently located.  

We will be using a Hydrocarbon process which is the most Environmentally friendly dry cleaning technology. Hydrocarbon process is a close circuit dry cleaning machine that enables the cleaning solvent that has been used for washing to be transferred to a distillation tank where it will be distilled or recycled for next wash -- thus avoiding emissions of any cleaning solvent to the environment.

Quality Control. We believe that quality is above everything. Quality control is carried out at each stage of the cleaning process. The moment a garment is handed over at the counter, it is carefully inspected for stains and irregularities. Thereafter, our specialists meticulously identify stains on each piece of garment, which are then subject to a double treatment of stains. This is followed by dry cleaning and pressing. At each stage, our well-trained staff check the quality of the previous stage before releasing it to the next stage. The final inspection takes place prior to bagging to ensure that we return the garment to you in pristine condition.

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