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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is one of the most effective garment and textile cleaning methods available.

The dry cleaning process is best explained by comparing with a front loader washing machine. The main difference in dry cleaning is the solvent used to clean the garments is not water. The mechanical action is very similar to the laundering process however dry cleaning does not cause damage or shrinkage to delicate fabrics that can often be destroyed in a washing machine. Our customised dry cleaning processes will have have your garments looking the best and lasting longer.

During the dry cleaning process the solvent undergoes a filtration process to remove any impurities from the solvent. All solvent is then purified in a distilling process and reused in the next process. Dry cleaning soap is injected during cleaning to assist with cleaning and stain removal.

Our dry cleaning machines and processes offer the best cleaning available whilst being mindful of the environment by utilising emission free cleaning, energy efficient cycles and the recovery of solvent through our technological advanced distilling process.

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