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Stain and Spot Removal

Removing spots and stains form garments is a complimentary service we offer as part of our cleaning services.

Spots and stains on garments can vary in different composition.

It is recommended to refrain from rubbing or blotting any stain as this can often set the stain in the fabric and cause irreversible damage.

Our staff are professionals and it always best to leave the stain in place and call in to one of our locations as soon as possible with the item. We can always remove stains more easily when we know what the stain is.

Methods for spot and stain removal include

  1. Dry Cleaning

  2. Wet Cleaning

  3. Laundering

  4. Soaking with special bleaching agents (not chlorine based)

  5. Spotting with specially formulated stain removal agents and spotting equipment

Special attention is given to all spots and stains however, certain stains cannot safely be removed without risk of colour loss, shrinkage or fabric damage. Dependent on the risk and the manufacturers care instructions we would either ask for your consent to proceed or decide that the stain can not be removed safely.

See our staff in store today and be assured that we are spot and stain removal experts!

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